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It's easy to stain your teeth with simple actions, such as drinking coffee or tea. Luckily, yellowing is reversible with teeth whitening. At Mark W. Darrah, D.D.S., we have the whitening services you need.

Get whiter teeth today with our whitening services!

Everyone's whitening needs are a bit different. Some need intensive, in-office treatment for ultimate whitening. Others prefer at-home kits.


We offer the following whitening services:


• Deep bleaching system

• Nite White 10-day bleaching trays

• At-home whitening kits

Whitening services you need

You want your teeth whiter, but you also want them to look natural. Our experienced team will deliver the whitening experience you want.


Call us today for an appointment.


We'll explain how everything works and get to know your needs. When you arrive to the office, we'll begin perfecting your smile!

Experienced whitening team

Teeth whitening, once a service for the affluent, is now available to more people because of its increasing affordability. Put your money where your mouth is, and invest in a whiter smile today!

Affordable teeth whitening options

Get your pearly whites even whiter

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